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We know times are tough. Our goal is to help you run amazing, interactive activities and assignments to improve students’ wield over the English language. We spent years as national spellers studying the dictionary and here’s what we learned: memorization does not work. Instead of memorizing the spellings of words, we put them in context, learned about sound patterns, etymologies of the word, and observed trends in HOW language works. Utilize our tools to augment your students’ English learning experience.


Get video lessons that cover all the basics on word pattern recognition, specific sound clusters, how words from other languages are transferred into the English lexicon, and more! Learn directly from 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee Co-Champion, Sriram Hathwar.


Flashcards can be B-O-R-I-N-G... Students learn best by practicing and learning from their mistakes, but it doesn't have to be vanilla. Try out our series of games that make you learn more words, think critically of what they mean, and put your new knowledge to use.


Our tool helps coordinate class, regional, and state spelling bees… all from the comfort of the students’ homes. Host virtual spelling bees with incredible ease and ensure a secure, privacy-first approach to holding fair and engaging competitions.


Get real-time, actionable insights about how to improve your students’ spelling and vocabulary skills. In spelling bees, make a mistake and you are out…. On Angle, make a mistake and learn how to do better. Teachers can easily customize curriculum and individualized pathways for students to ensure mastery across all CommonCore ELA standards.


Host annual, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly... Heck, host spelling bees at any time, anywhere with Angle. Instead of putting pressure on students to memorize words, make this a fun activity for students to engage with each other and share an experience around the excitement of learning and using new words. Even when students misspell, they are still playing along and cheering their classmates on!


When Sriram and Shreyas competed in the national spelling bee, almost 1 million viewers tuned in to ESPN to watch the action live. There were 1 million households who were excited about words…. We are trying to capture that same excitement and inject it into the classroom.

At Angle, we design solutions that make it easier on the educator.

  • Comprehensive anti-cheating precautions
  • Easily check on your students’ progress and set new milestones
  • Learn through understanding and not memorization

About us

Meet the team that brings Angle to life. Combined, we've had 7 appearances at the Scripps National Spelling Bee. When we're not busy making spelling bee puns (83 a day to be exact), we're focused on making your education accessible.


Reach out to us for custom pricing to help incorporate Angle into your students’ lives. 

We are a startup and former spellers looking to help students and educators during these tough times. 

Although Angle will cost money, our focus is and always will be students and teachers first. 

Let us know what pricing makes sense for you and we will work with you to make it happen.


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You tell us!

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In summary, we are working around the clock to build better digital tools to engage and excite students about language… We love words and the power they can have in education and in the world, so reach out anytime!

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